Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fun with Faces

Because I do alot of portraits, I am always studying faces and I notice similarities in people's features. I used to drive my husband nuts with this. I'm constantly saying things like, Doesn't Joe look like a composite of my brother Ken and that guy Henry who works at the supermarket? or, Look, there's Nicholas Cage's brother! (I actually saw a guy this week that could have been a 17 year old Cage...)

Now Garry does it, too.

Posted here is a little photoshop postcard that I e-mailed my daughter-in-law Tracey after spending a recent afternoon with my grandchildren, Calvin and Cecilia. We went for a walk on the Bates campus and then to The Den for a snack where I snapped this cute shot of Calvin. With those upturned eyebrows, I thought immediately of James Dean.
A couple of cool dudes! :^)

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