Friday, April 25, 2008


I have a strong (and growing) family. I feel very blessed. Three portraits: my 2 wonderful daughters-in-law, and my soon to be, and also wonderful, son-in-law.
I really need to start drawing portraits of my grandchildren!!

Ocea and Wyeth, 2004
mixed media collage, 22" x 30"
collection Andrew and Oceanna Miller

Cory, 2003
pastel, pencil, and charcoal, 15" x 22"

Tracey, 2003
pastel, pencil, and charcoal, 15" x 22'
collection Eben and Tracey Miller


Andrew and Oceanna's wedding, 2002
l-r: Tracey, Eben, Kaitlyn, Andrew, Brey, Oceanna, Martha, Lisbeth, Garry, Alec

Thanksgiving, 2004
l-r: Ocea holding Wyeth, Andy holding Brey, Alec, Kaitlyn, Cory, Lisbeth, Martha, Garry

Eben and Tracey's children, Calvin and Cecilia, 2006


Block Dog Art said...

Hi Martha,
Thank you for commenting on my blog.
I spent some time on yours, it is wonderful, the images very powerful and your obvious love of life and family. I noticed you have an Eben in the family, my middle son is also an Eben. Love your blog.

Martha Miller said...

Hi again - thankyou!

Yes, my Eben is a grown man - a college professor and father of two! How old is your Eben? It's a great old name. My grandmother had an Uncle Eben - that is where I first of it.

Happy painting in Tiverton!