Friday, October 24, 2008

Pete and RePete

Pete models for my Life Drawing and Mixed Media Portraiture classes at MECA. I've made several quick studies of him during class over the past couple of years and want to ask him to sit for my portrait series, so that I can actually work on a drawing undistracted for a couple of hours! He has extremely deep set eyes and in certain light the shadows are so dramatic. FUN to draw. The top portrait is a drawing I did in the middle of teaching Life Drawing this week, and the bottom two portraits were done last year during one of my Mixed Media Portraiture classes.

Pete with Skull and Pumpkin, Late October, 2008
India ink, charcoal and cray-pas on Rives BKK, 22" x 30"
Pete/Oil and Water, 2007
Pastel, oil, charcoal, and acrylic on Rives BFK, 22" x 30"
Pete with Orange Blush, 2007
Pastel, oil, charcoal, acrylic and collage on Rives BFK, 22" x 30"
all for sale.


artslice said...

The last one is my fave... love the expression on his face/eyes. He looks like a great model!
Have a good weekend.

Martha Miller said...

Thanks, Brenda! You enjoy the weekend out west, too!

Susan Beauchemin said...

I think I like the middle one best, but all are good--fun you'll be drawing him again!

Don Gray said...

Wonderfully intense! I love the arbitrary use of color, especially in "Pete With Orange Blush."

Martha Miller said...

Thanks, Don! Glad that intense can seem wonderful!!