Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blackwork Lovers Installation

Blackwork Lovers will finally be installed next week in the Walker Terrace window here in Portland. Meanwhile I wanted to photograph the prints with frames for an exhibit application (June 30th is the deadline). My studio is way too small so this afternoon I lugged everything next door to the MECA classroom where I teach and tacked them up with their frames, which are all separate pieces. I had to sort of jury rig the whole operation - it was a real chore. But I think that I have some decent enough images to submit. Once the prints are installed in the window they will be up for 2 months, and it would have been impossible to photograph them satisfactorily through the glass. I may be painting the background in the window black, so the prints will look like they do in the top pic posted here. I decided not to add the top piece (with the angel). It seemed like too separate of a piece. So, here they are, ready for the window.
Blackwork Lovers, 2008
linoleum block prints with relief printed frames,
frames: painted recycled cardboard, clothesline rope, duct tape, glitter
installation 5' x 10'
print size, 3' x 3' each
print with frame size, 5' x 5' each

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Rob S. said...

I'm so excited to see these in the window!

Sorry I've been out of touch for a bit - been too busy at work, but also busy in a good way with the latest doings at my studio! Check my latest blog entry!