Friday, June 27, 2008

A Dozen Doozies

Twelve more terrific self-portraits from Edward Lucie-Smith's book, The Self Portrait: A Modern View.
From the inside jacket cover:

We do not see ourselves as others see us, even the mirror image lies. The self-portrait continues to be a richly productive source of inspiration for contemporoary artists...and continues one of the most enduring traditions of Western art.

Elisabeth Frink
Self Portrait

John Kirby
Self Portrait

R.B. Kitaj
Self Portrait

Maggie Hambling
Self Portrait Working, 1985

Peter Howson
Self Portrait

Rod Judkins
Double Self Portrait

Adrian Wiszniewski
Self Portrait, 1987

Rose Garrard
Self Portrait

Norman Blamey
Self Portrait in Cushion Mirror

Alan Stones
Self Portrait

Glynn Williams
Self Portrait

David Hockney
Self Portrait, 1978


Bill Sharp said...

Martha, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the kind words.

I'm fascinated by self portraits and you have a really great collection of them.

I agree with your comment about working from photos. The one I was struggling with is made a bit more difficult by the fact that I've never met the subject. She and I traded photos and those photos, aside from whatever self portraiture she and I have posted on our blogs, are our only reference.

I'll be watching.

martha miller said...

Hi Bill

Yes, I love self-portraits!
Wow, tough to make a drawing of someone you've never met - it would be mostly about your perception and invention, which is ok - the photo could simply be a jumping off point!
Do drop in again!