Monday, April 6, 2009

Small Miracles

Mexico: Hand Chair

detail from Altared Self

Keep a hand milagros at work to remind yourself of the spiritual dimension of your labors.
Helen Thompson from Milagros: A Book of Miracles


Film stills from Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Why do we dream what we dream? Is a dream simply a nonsensical mix of re-runs from the waking day? Or is it a small miracle, a letter to be opened, as suggested in the Talmud? I had a vivid dream a few nights ago in which I found an exact replica of my right hand in my bed. I commented about this on my Facebook page, joking that it probably had to do with the fact that I'd just watched the old film Invasion of the Body Snatchers on Turner Classic Movies. But my niece Sarah Simmons offered this interesting interpretation:

Are you right handed? Maybe it's a sign that you're in a doubly productive time and should take advantage of your extra energy/inspiration.

I also took that test, What do your hands tell about you? and learned I have Fire Hands, and I've been reading about Milagros (Spanish for Miracles) which could partly explain why I dreamt about a spare hand. Helen Thompson suggests this meditation on hands:

Take a moment to think about your hands and what you use them for: Place them in your lap, with the fingers of one hand lightly touching the fingers of the other. Close your eyes and envision your hand milagro as a manifestation of your hands at work. Remember another of your hands' capabilities: the healing power of touch. With every touch, you have the ability to help ease someone else's pain.


Sarah said...

Hi Martha,
I loved reading this post about hands. It made me think and gave me some beautiful images to help me do so. Thanks.
I wonder what your woods in Woolwich are like? I work in Woolwich in South East London. I bet they are very different.
Sarah :)

Don Gray said...

I spent today in the studio making drawings of shadowy hands, then this evening I read your "handy" post! Synchronicity strikes again!

Anonymous said...

I used to work repairing Birkenstock shoes. We received a pair through the mail from a nun who enclosed a letter to the "repairman" - oh well. In it she said she had mailed them on the feast day of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of workers. She "blessed the work" of my (non-Catholic) hands. I was moved to tears. I have always loved to work with my hands, often working in positions not traditionally held by women. To have my hands blessed by someone who had no idea... It was gentle love from the universe and I accepted it as such.

Lis' name for me:
"The Lego Lady of the Yellow Hair"

Dean Grey said...

That hand chair looks super cool!


Martha Miller said...

Hi Sarah

Thanks for dropping in! Here's a link to my woods in Woolwich:

I'm sure that my Woolwich is named after your Woolwich!

Martha Miller said...

Hi Don!

Gotta love that synchonicity!

Martha Miller said...

Hi Jo

What a sweet story! That would have made me cry, too! We ned to get together soon! Been too long!

Martha Miller said...

Hi Dean

YES! What an amazing chair!!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

The other day I was thinking about hands--I've always liked how one hand helps the other out--of course it's your mind moving each to get a task done, but it seems like the two hands move thoughtlessly together. Then I thought, what if we had three hands--for a simple task, two are just right--what would the third hand do? Would it start on another task? and if so would that take extra brain power or another brain for the third hand. But if there was another brain or mind, the hands might have some conflicts. The third hand might slap the other. Imagine how difficult it would be to get anything done! I really do think like this--good lord!

Anonymous said...

Susan, what a great "what if". If we had four hands, surely we would need two brains. Or....

"Lego Lady" Jo