Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Photo Shoot

I went over to Sanctuary Tattoo yesterday to take some daylight pictures of my installation, Altared Self. It's tough with my camera, and with the lighting. I think I'm going to hire a local art photographer to take the pictures for me.

A friend of mine described Altared Self as "an ecosystemic icon forest." I like that!


Susan Beauchemin said...

Thanks Martha these are better--I can see the colors and more of the details--yes maybe someone with a good 35mm camera and a zoom lens with tripod--during the day--I can tell this is a must see in person wall piece!
"Hey! guy getting the tattoo! HELLO...there's a big beautiful elaborate wall piece to gaze at while you sit there...just a little over to your right and up a bit...!!!"

Martha Miller said...

ha ha!
yeah, i am hiring jay york to do the job. need to call him tomorrow.