Monday, April 6, 2009

Folk Treasures of Mexico

Manuel Jimenez
Wood Animals, 1960

Manuel Jimenez, 1977

Milagros, Late 19th, early 20th century

Teodora Blanco
Ceramic Doll, 1978

Teodora Blanco
Ceramic Figures, 1978

Nelson Rockefeller talking to Teodora Blanco about her work at her home in Santa Maria Atzompz, Oaxaca, October 1978

Pull Toy, 1930's
Devil, 1930's

Teodora Blanco
detail from Animal Band, 1978

Judas Figure, 1970's

David Villafanez
The Glorious Ascension of Christ, late 1960's

Some images that my eyeballs are devouring right now, from the book Folk Treasures of Mexico: The Nelson A. Rockefeller Collection, by Marion Oettinger, Jr. The vibrant, bold colors, the humor and raw strength of the figures... all strike a deep chord in me...


Dean Grey said...

Thank you for sharing these, Martha!

All of the pics look so interesting (the blue devil looks kind of scary and cool at the same time!).

I'm sure these images will get your creative juices flowing.


Martha Miller said...

hi dean

LOVE the devil with that splash of white paint!