Monday, December 1, 2008

Raw Bits

Ahhh...Woolwich, Maine, in late November. The beauty and the beast of it. Some images from yet another cold, wet walk along the Middle Road this past weekend. My late mother-in-law, Sabina Miller, used to call this kind of weather "sour," as in:
Brrr, it's a sour day out there, I'm going to stay indoors by the woodstove!
I call it raw, and I do like to be out in it for awhile and then come back indoors to sit by the woodstove.

Happy December! Very soon this will all be covered in a thick blanket of white.


Susan Beauchemin said...

Great litter---Sponge Bob! Nice fire--wish I was there!

Don Gray said...

Terrific photos...finding the extraordinary in the everyday--I love it!

Martha Miller said...

Hi Susan

Yes, we have everything along the side of the road here - even Sponge Bob. I wish we lived closer!!!

Martha Miller said...

Hi Don

Thanks! Yes, there is a narrative everywhere you look, eh? If I could paint like you, I'd be posting paintings of those things instead of photos! It would be a bit damp working on location, though...