Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cool Beans





Teeny arteests. Cleaning out my old picture files this week I found these photos and this video of my very youngest charges from when I worked at Oak Street Studios in 2007. This group of children loved to chant, En guard! Touche! after Owen taught them that phrase. They could get a little rowdy, so I would sing to them to help them channel their energy. Their two favorite tunes were Barnacle Bill the Sailor (the clean version of this song, like I learned it from the old Popeye cartoons, of course!) and Never Say No from The Fantasticks.


artslice said...

What a great bunch of little students! Music is such a great way to grab their attention while they're 'doing their thing'. Cute movie :)

Susan Beauchemin said...

P watched the video clip and that song, never say no helped me to get her ready for school. She loved it!

Martha Miller said...

Hi Brenda & Sue

My hat's off to you! You are both taking care of small children while keeping your own art alive and well! Not an easy task!!

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Too cute.

The song you sang reminds me of a folk song, Beans in My Ears by the Serendipity Singers.

Martha Miller said...

Hi Nick

I'll have to look that one up!