Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oak Street Studios

Young artists at work. More pics from my year at Oak Street Studios private art institute for children here in Portland. Fun and exhausting. My hat's off to all of you art teachers out there who work with children! It takes megavolts of energy! A year was all I could handle! I'm working with just teens and adults right now...


Noelle Horsfield said...

Hi Martha. I love these images the kids and their must have been so inspiring to work with them! Tracey Miller just completed my new website; please take a look at it.
Have a great day!

Martha Miller said...

Hi Noelle!

Thanks for dropping by! Your pottery is so fresh and cheerful - and I love your water and earth color scheme. I loved seeing little Calvin with his cup on your website :^)

Tracey does an amazing job - your site looks terrific!


Anonymous said...

hi Martha, I was looking for an art class for my kids here in Portland me and I was trying to find Oak street art studio??? and found your blog. I love what it looks like you do with kids! Do you teach classes????


Catherine C said...

Hi Martha!
(Catherine here... aka. Lilliana and Marina's Mom:-)

So much fun to see these photos!
(and the Studio's website is up... thought I would pass on the address to you)

Both girls enjoyed your classes so much!

Martha Miller said...

Hi Sue and Catherine

I obviously don't check back on my old posts often enough!

Sue, you can see my teaching schedule on my website:

and Catherine, the website for Oak Street Studios looks great! If you ever need more images, I have several folders full from my year there!