Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Buck's Worth of Bartok

A dollar's worth of change tossed in a fiddle case this afternoon yielded a spring concert downtown. Also posted here is a series of portraits of Bela Bartok I found on-line. Funny how one thing can lead to another. I just wanted to find an image to accompany this little video and discovered these amazing prints created by Seattle artist Aqiva Kenneth Segan. These etchings remind me alot of Jim Dine's print work.
I'll have to thank the fiddler for connecting me to this artist!

Aqiva Kenneth Segan
Portrait of Bela Bartok, 1981
in three states:
(for you non-print makers, the copper etching plate is progressively altered to create new "states")

1981. 23 3/8" H x 17 3/4" WEarly state: all line - before the fish skeleton was etched at top.

1981. Mid-state proof. Public Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
1981. Late state proof. Public Collections: DeCordova & Dana Museum, Lincoln, Massachusetts (A.P.) Musee des Beaux Arts, Budapest, Hungary (4/25) Portland Art Museum, Oregon (1/25) Royal Aberdeen Infirmary Collection, Scotland (10/25)

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