Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tracking the Holy Spirit

It's been a long cold winter but March winds are blowing in a change of seasons - the days are dramatically lighter. It's as if there is a giant eye opening up, one that has been closed for a long while. I have been teaching myself how to make videos with the Movie Maker program on my PC and today's post is a small piece I patched together with video clips taken in Portland and in Woolwich. When I videotaped Blue Mary I had the thought of creating a series called Tracking the Holy Spirit. (My Catholic friend who sends me pictures of Mary describes her as all that is gentle and loving. To me she is Nature, Mother Earth, the Empress of the Tarot, the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Holy Spirit...all these things. I heard a great program on public radio last week that profiled a woman who was teaching a group of youngsters about different religions. She had them paint specific religious symbols on separate lampshades, then turned on the lamps, telling the children that although there was a different symbol on the outside of the lamps, each was lit inside by the same light. Nice.)

This video is part of the fledgling Tracking series. I am just learning to do this, so you are seeing a very crude collage!

March Elements, 2008


Susan Beauchemin said...

NICE! So different from where I live, but brings up familiar feelings in the part of me that lived "back east"---------Sue

Susan Beauchemin said...

Oh hey! and I like those fingerless gloves!----Sue

martha said...

I liked them, too (notice the past tense) I liked them so much that I wore them out! (You recognize them as the ones you knit for me, right?) Are you still knitting those?