Monday, March 10, 2008

DeWitt Hardy

I just found out last night that DeWitt has been hospitalized for the past week with serious pneumonia. I must have picked up on that wave-length when I posted about him yesterday morning. I hear that he is much improved today. Here are a couple of DeWitt's beautiful watercolors (you can find him in my links as well). A great self-portrait (love the mad little cartoon charactor...) and a portrait that he did of me many moons ago.
Get Well Soon, DeWitt!
P.S. Just found two more of DeWitt's watercolor self-portraits:
DeWitt Hardy
Portrait of the Artist as an Older Man
DeWitt Hardy
The Zen Of Hardy

DeWitt Hardy
Self Portrait with Apple, 2006
watercolor, 18 x 14”

DeWitt Hardy
Martha Miller, 1988


Linda Hewitt said...

Hi - Thanks for the information. We have a couple of DeWitt's prints from the 1970s, which we have enjoyed very much. Do please post anything else you hear about his recovery progress.

Linda Hewitt said...

Hi again - just realized the date of your original comment. I hope that this finds all well with DeWitt.

Anonymous said...

I own a dozen works by this wonderful artist...I am sorry to hear he has been in poor health and wish him a full and speedy recovery. We can all agree that Dewitt Hardy is a national treasure....Michael Maglaras

Anonymous said...

Edward Shore
I am from Montreal,bought my
first Dewitt panting in1969in
Ogunquit We have ten great paintings and still enjoy them
like the first day we bought them.
I hope for a speedy recovery.

Lois and Edward Shore.

Martha Miller said...

I don't check back on my post comments often enough! As far as I know, deWitt is enjoying good health this winter!
I thank you both for dropping in - I agree that DeWitt is a national treasure! Gorgeous work.

Crankowski said...

Hi, Martha. I first met deWitt in 1988 and bought the portrait of you that you show (above) on your site. It's one of my favorites and always ends up in my bedroom, though I've moved 4 times since then. It's such a private, personal view of you that it doesn't feel right in a public room. I call D from time to time when I come to town. Nice to se your site!