Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fiber Lovers

Good Gourd, it's Adam and Eve!

Professional model Mary Stanford and Adam - check out Adam's anatomy! :^)

Beginnings of The Lovers fiber piece...

Two nights ago I started working on this fiber wall hanging based on The Lovers tarot card. It's an Adam and Eve in the garden scene (a recurring theme for me as you can see here, here, here, and here...)

And here's a bit of synchronocity - the model who posed for my portraiture class yesterday at MECA , Mary Stanford, brought in these fantastic Adam and Eve gourd dolls from Mexico (top photo). Don't you just LOVE them??

Worked on The Lovers again this afternoon - here's the progress. I'm almost will be heading over to my etsy shop...


Ellie said...

I love your art Martha, you are an inspirational woman for me. I have soo much respect for you. I loking forward to met you soon. by the way Im Alec´s girlfriend. Take Care and I will keep posting comments here. bye.

KaHolly said...

You have such unique vision. Loved seeing your work in progress.

martha miller said...

Oh! Hi Ellie!!!!!! It's so good to hear from you!
I am so very sorry to hear about your mom, Ellie. Such a difficult time for you. So very hard.
Our whole family is looking forward to meeting you!!!
God Bless
p.s. have you seen any cool dolls like this in Mexico? i adore Mexican folk art!!!

martha miller said...

thankyou, KaHolly!!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Hi Ellie--say hello to Alec for us and maybe think about you two coming up for a visit--this is Alec's aunt.

Hi Martha, this is great--looks like the figures are see through, but I think they're made from felt? Did you paint in the background a bit on their legs? Nice!!

Ellie said...

Hi Martha and Susan!!!
I feel soo happy your family want to meet me too. And of curse we are going to visit you one day Susan. (Alec always talk about you).

In other hand about my mom,, it was really hard and sad situation but I feel happy now because she is no suffering anymore. I have her in my hart all the time. thanks for your support!!

and about the dolls I have seen alot of folk art, is everywhere, im going to take some cool pictures and show you the art around here.

I will keep in touch. XOXOXOXOXO

martha miller said...

We lost our father to cancer, too. It was so hard and sad, but I remember feeling so relieved for him that his ordeal was over and that he was free.
God Bless You, Ellie!

How fun that we can be in touch here on our blogs! Are you on Facebook? My whole family is on there! You could really get to know the whole gang!!!

Cory said...

Mary Stanford? I thought that was Bonnie Raitt in your studio. Look alike.

Ellie said...

Im sorry about your dad, I understand what you are saying.

I dont have Facebook, but I love new websites, Im going to check that out. It is going to be nice to know all of you.

It is fun talking (or writting)and keep in touch.

Your last art work its awesome!! I love your perpective of art.


martha miller said...

thankyou, ellie! take good care! talk soon!

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

That's super cool! Thank you for showing the in-progress picture with all the layers pinned in. It gave me a better appreciation for what went into it.

martha miller said...

thanks, captain!