Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Green Jeans Graces

Green Jeans Graces, 2009
recycled fabric, beads, ric, rac, thread, acrylics

This is why I was looking for images of The Three Graces the other day ~ as a reference for this piece (I want to do a full figured version next! ) These are my three Green Jeans Graces ~ they are standing in a patch of grass that is made from the fringed hem of an old pair of green jeans (as usual, click on images for details!).
I am having such a blast making these fiber figure wallhangings ~ they are so much fun! I'm working on another one now based on The Lovers tarot card. I'll post about that soon!

Green Jeans Graces is for sale over in my etsy shop.


Susan Beauchemin said...

I love these quilted hangings! You must be having fun!

martha miller said...

yup ~ fun!

alissa said...

hello Martha! I just saw all the comments you have been making on my blog. Thank you. All of your work looks great, I really enjoy these little felted scenes. I would love to sit for a portrait, maybe I could make one of you in exchange? Please drop me an email anytime alissalane@gmail.com

martha miller said...

hi alissa

thankyou! i would love to do an exchange! LOVE your portraits...
i'll drop you a line soon