Monday, September 29, 2008

September, I'll Remember...

one lucky lupine, upper left.

...the incredibly lush and colorful flowers collected from the Little Cranberry Island gardens the morning of Kaitlyn & Cory's wedding day. (When I spent time on Monhegan, I got to know the Island Gardener. She claims that the flowers on an island have a different intensity than mainland flowers, and that it has to do with the special richness of island soil and air which is caused by being surrounded by the sea. I believe it! ) And here's a bit of magic - the women who gathered the blooms found one lone lupine! You can see it in the fourth pic. This is highly unusual - lupines have all gone by by early July. We saw it as a lucky sign, and it was put into the bouquet for the bride & groom's table!
All these gorgeous photos were taken by Connecticut artist and architect, my cousin, Del Simmons.


artslice said...

Beautiful flowers - Looks like it was fun to prepare!

martha miller said...

'twas indeed! thanks for tolerating all these wedding photos - it's helping me to process the whole thing!