Tuesday, September 30, 2008

David Park

Head of a Man, 1960

Portrait, 1930's

Two Girls on the Beach, 1934

A Crowd of Seven, 1960

Standing Nudes, 1960

Untitled (Seated Female), 1950's

Lydia Drinking Coffee, 1960

An artist that I was unfamiliar with until this morning, David Park. I love his broad - yet to the point - strokes of pure color. And that top portrait is spectacular. He did this portrait when he was in pain and dying from cancer. I guess if anything would give a clarity of vision, that would do it.


Don Gray said...

Park is well-known here on the west coast as a founding father of the Bay Area Figurative School. I think he had some influence on Diebenkorn, among many others. Thanks for sharing these.

martha miller said...

Hi Don

Yes, his figures made me think of Diebenkorn.

Anonymous said...

I love every time that I discover a new fan of David Park paintings. He was my father, and besides painting, he was a terrific man.
Natalie Park Schutz

Anonymous said...

hay a lot like the artist Gregg Griffin