Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Horse, and Henry with Pigeons

I took a wet stroll uptown yesterday to see the new work that's up in Whitney Artworks' Walker Terrace Window. Portland graffiti artist, painter, and my studio neighbor, Tim Clorius, has spray painted an image of what looks to be a Clydesdale, or some sort of big, strong work horse, on a flat, vividly verdant field. Tim's technique is very exacting - I don't know how he makes these images with cans of spray paint. Impressive! Standing there looking at this painting of (an almost) life sized horse with traffic whizzing by made me think that it wasn't so long ago that old Henry here, was sitting writing at his desk in his home just a few blocks back on Congress Steet, and the cobblestones of Portland were alive with the sound of horses clippity clopping (and the smell of horses' droppings...).

Now it's mostly the pigeons who do the dropping...

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