Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Mother of the Bride

This might well be my only fashion post (my Leo Moon is coming out today, and Leo's love clothes...)

My daughter Kaitlyn is getting married in less than a month and the mother of the bride is wearing beige, a very pale beige. I found this dress at The Black Parrot on Middle Street in Portland back in the spring. The little girl in me loves it. It reminds me of dresses that I wore to Sunday school in the 50's and of dresses that my mother wore as well. It's a real party dress with a petticoat and everything! I found a beautiful fair trade ceramic bead necklace at Tavecchia on Exchange Street - it's handmade by women in Africa in the colors of the wedding (see the sweet, elegant wedding invitation that Kaitlyn designed and hand printed using a Gocco machine...)

And being that Kait is a ceramic artist herself, I thought that this necklace was perfect.

OK, so I had the dress, the necklace...next I needed some sort of sweater or wrap (the wedding will be outdoors on Little Cranberry Island - it could be verry brisk and breezy in late September!) I looked everywhere for what I wanted, to no avail, and finally decided 2 weeks ago that I'd better knit something myself.

So I found this simple bolero sweater pattern and some beautiful hand dyed yarn in a shade of sea foam green at Tess' Designer Yarns on Spring Street, quickly looked at the directions which called for a size 7 and a size 4 needle, and said to myself, "Cool! Size 7! That'll work up quickly!" Got home and upon close examination of the directions realized that only a small portion of the border on the sweater uses the size 7 needles and the bulk of the sweater is worked with the size 4! Argh!

So right now I am at risk of getting carpel tunnel, madly knitting this sweater to go with my dress. You can see my zany little doodle of my dress over the model's photo on the pattern. I think it will work!

I still have to find shoes. I'm feeling a teensy bit stressed, because I have some major foot problems so can't just wear anything on my feet, and contrary to the tendencies of my Leo moon, I don't love to shop!!


artslice said...

Beautiful ensemble! The dress is dreamy and the necklace too... but where are the shoes!? Better get to workin' on that sweater! :)

ps love that watercolor from your last post... it has great energy.

Susan Beauchemin said...

This is a tighter knit sweater than I expected! Tough to just "whip up"! Man, I should put more thought into what I'm going to wear---so it might be kinda cool--I've got a Leo moon too, but I don't much like to get dressed up. I like old comfortable clothes.

martha miller said...

Hi Brenda

I'm 1/3 of the way done with the
1st sleeve! *pant*pant*pant*
I can do it! At least it's a simple stockinette stitch - brainless knitting...
don't worry, i'll find shoes.

Yes - I've always loved that watercolor.

And I love your new felted work! Did you decide whether to make wall hangings, pillows or bags? I vote for pillows!

martha miller said...

Hi Sue

I wouldn't be putting so much thought into what to wear if I weren't the MOB!
You may love old comfortable clothes but you always have style - THAT's your Leo Moon shining through!

Pack SWEATERS! and warm socks! and warm HATS! and pray for a beautiful Sunny September Blue Sky kind of Day!!