Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sister Collaborations

My sister Susan and I decided recently to do some small collaborative paintings. Posted here is one of the finished paintings! Funny! A comment on vanity, perhaps? I love it. Great colors!
Susan and I are a year apart and have always been very close. Since the 70's we've lived on separate coasts and see each other once a year during the summer when Sue and her family flies east from CA to visit our relatives in RI. We've stayed close with letters, e-mails, phone calls and art collaborations. Last year we worked on a collaborative doll project together with 16 other artists, including our sister Debby. I will be posting more about this project soon. (There were three teams of 6 artists, and each artist started a doll, then mailed it to the next person on the list. Over a period of 6 months, each team worked on six dolls, one a month, until all 18 dolls returned transformed, to their originators. I have posted here a photoshop merging of the beginnings of my doll, Hephziba, on the left, and Susan's doll, Aglee, on the right. I call this photo "Related").
And the last image is a photoshop postcard I made for fun from pictures of me and Sue at Charlestown Beach in RI last summer. It is very pleasant to think of summertime right now in the midst of frozen February!
Martha Miller and Susan Beauchemin
Virgo, 2008
ink, graphite, watercolor, markers, and collage on paper, 7" x 7". For Sale.

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