Friday, March 7, 2008

Tiny Tarot

Last year I was involved in a collaborative doll making project . For one of the dolls, Aglaee, I made a hand drawn tiny Tarot deck. Each card is 1" x 1 1/2". Teeny tiny! I used a fine point felt tip pen, colored pencils, worked on the project for three weeks, and nearly went cross eyed (click on the images and you can see the details). After doing all those big portraits the year before, though, it felt very good to work this small and precious. I also knit a tiny shoulder bag for the teeny Tarot deck. As we say here in Maine, it's wicked cute. Plus I made Aglaee a cape and bought her some shoes. (You can see what Aglaee looked like when she first arrived, in the picture where my grandson Brey is holding her. At that point she had been worked on by two other artists and I was artist number three). Aglaee is the doll that my sister Sue started, so I knew that the little deck of cards would be going back to her. Otherwise, I probably would not have put this amount of work into one doll!

On the topic of tiny, Whitney Artworks here in Portland had a "Tiny" Show this past fall. It was wonderful.

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