Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Janet Steeves
photo by Jean McQuaid
photo by Jean McQuaid

Cheslye Ventimiglia

Nancy Allyn

Jean McQuaid

Mary Longley

Martha Miller
Peggy Murray

Monica Aaskov

Tuesday was Mardi Gras, International Women's Day, and it also just happened to be my private Mixed Media Portraiture class, with Extension of Self as the day's assignment. I asked the women to bring in items that describe inner aspects of self to fuel their drawings. We worked with black gouache and a variety of dry media. Some interesting, powerful, and whimsical self-portraits emerged!

I wore my Dream Dress from 2004, grabbed a toy vanity from the church nursery, and drew with markers and crayons from the Sunday School classroom stash. Lots of fun. Such a great group!


Susan Beauchemin said...

It does look like fun!


I must find my way to "portrait" my own Self.