Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dream Dress

I'm at my house in Woolwich for the weekend, using my daughter-in-law's PC. (I stay in an apartment in Portland during the week). She has these pics in her photo album of a project that I did in 2004 when I was in my sophomore year at Maine College of Art. I created Dream Dress for my Alternative Delivery Systems class. ADS was the brainchild of Professor Adriane Herman (see Links) and was all about displaying art outside of the White Cube (the sanctified and glorified gallery/museum system).
I bought this white 70's polyester gown from a thrift store and covered it entirely with images from my dreams. I've kept illustrated dream journals for most of my adult life, and see my dreams as gifts: I believe that they are a connection to Spirit. So, to honor my dreams, I wore the dress for three days. It was scary at first to be wearing my psychic inards on the outside, but people responded very positively to the dress. (Of course I was wearing it in the protective and supportive environment of MECA!)
Wearing Dream Dress in public was ultimately very freeing.

Dream Dress, 2004
sharpies, acrylic, watercolor, feathers, photographs, fabric, yarn, sequins, beads and trim on polyester gown, woman's size 8. For Sale.

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