Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sewing and Drawing

Shifting gears from drawing to sewing. Now that my show is up I have to focus on getting ready for the MECA Holiday Fair, which is coming right up on Friday night, December 3rd, and Saturday the 4th. Lisbeth and I are sharing a table, and I'm in my home studio in the woods of Woolwich, sewing items from her mandala fabrics to sell. It's always difficult for me to shift gears. And after I am home sewing for a while, it will be a challenge to get back into my city studio and draw!

I will be drawing at the Holiday Fair - I plan to do portraits on the spot all day long Saturday!


artslice said...

Hi Martha,

Shifting gears to sewing seems to happen around this time every year for me. I'm doing ornaments again for the Black Friday sale at a gallery. It's fun, but always sneaks up on me!

Your show with the vintage inspired portraits looks so beautiful. Love the faces and expressions. Fabulous!


martha miller said...

Thanks so much, Brenda! Love seeing all the new things you've been doing!!

Susan Beauchemin said...

I liked the video of Kiki kicking back at her home. She likes linen!
'All she do, just sit and sew"

Don Gray said...

Congrats on the show--looks great. And thanks for the Kiki video.

martha miller said...

Hi Sue! Me, too!

martha miller said...

Thanks so much, Don! and Yes, isn't that a great little snippet of her (Kiki's) process?