Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Cast of Characters

Aaron Parcak

Aaron Parcak posed this week for my Mixed Media Portraiture class at MECA. As I've mentioned here before, the models are invited to bring in personal items and to share a bit about themselves with the class. This provides the students with a rich mine of visual, emotional, and symbolic content - grist for the portrait making mill. The models happily embrace this opportunity for performance, and some even arrive in full costume. Aaron brought a whole table full of costume changes! I am always thrilled with the imagination and energy that each model brings to the group, and Aaron brought it in times four as he donned his outfits and changed from one persona to the next. LOTS of fun was had by all. And as you can see here, some terrific portraits churned off the drawing boards!


Dean Grey said...

Looks like fun, Martha!

And Aaron is a cutie too!



Martha Miller said...

I wish you could join us, Dean!! (and yes, Aaron is very cute!:*)