Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dishin' It Up

We have the best models at Maine College of Art. Ahna Reichman modeled for my Mixed Media Portraiture class Tuesday in one of her costumes from her performance troupe, The Dirty Dishes. She was dressed as a cross between Repressed and Liberated Woman, and her outfit sparked a great dialogue that provided grist for the collage mill. Everyone had alot of fun with it!


Deborah Ross said...

Damn! I wish I could be in that class!

Susan Beauchemin said...

It Does look like fun--the collages all look very interesting!

Brad Gailey said...

Me too. I'm right at the head of the Appalachian Trail. Is it a long walk?


Martha Miller said...

Oh, I would love for all three of you to be in my class! What fun that would be! Hey Brad, if you start walking that trail right now, you might make the fall semester! :*)

Dean Grey said...



I agree with Deborah. I'd love to be in that class too!

Looks like a creative hoot!