Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Proofs

A slab of white to roll on my copper plate which still had left on it remnants of blue ink.

Printed on Rives BFK gray, this created a pale steel gray image.

Preparing another slab of pink ink to roll on my second copper plate, my image of Lisbeth's eyes...

Which I printed over the gray image, and again by itself on the lower half of the page.

Some graphite drawing on the eyes at the top of the page...

Prints soaking, getting ready for another run through the press...

A pink overlay of Lisbeth's eyes on the indigo blue print.

Men at work.

Another sweet afternoon spent in the new printshop, experimenting with colors and layering images. Too Much Fun.


KaHolly said...

Martha, that looks like so much fun for you, and a lot of work! I love seeing the process. Have a great day today. ~karen

Susan Beauchemin said...

These are looking good! I like the large eye!

Dean Grey said...

This looks so neat, Martha!

I love the snowflake image all by itself. Something about the intense, blurry darks that just catches my eye!

I wish I were there in that new studio with you all!