Thursday, January 21, 2010


Saint Jerome contemplating the Trinity...

My daughter Lisbeth experiencing a seizure aura.

Lisbeth's Mother and Child mandala.

Lisbeth's Passion mandala.

Lisbeth's Love Flames mandala.

Lisbeth's Lantern Flower mandala.

Lisbeth's Four of Hearts mandala.

Lisbeth's Flaming Oak mandala.

Lisbeth's Heavy with Child mandala.

Lisbeth's Birth mandala.
And these are my Tarot cards today. Above is the card representing my project with Lisbeth. The Wheel of Fortune. I love the mother and child in this image, and the mandala/wheel/angel thoughts over their heads! And the fire beneath them!

Card representing Martha. (This happens to be my Soul Card!)

Card representing Lisbeth. (Bless her heart ~ she is built just like this!)

Card representing the gift of this project. Two of Cups. Deep Connection between two individuals. Sharing. A Collaboration. A Happy Compromise. This feels so true. After taking a long break from one-on-one caring of Lisbeth, I am at her creative service right now. Her art is becoming my art. I am like one of the eleventh century artists who drew for Hildegard de Bingen her visions as she dictated them from Spirit.


Susan Beauchemin said...

What beautiful snowflakes!

Martha Miller said...

they blow me away!!!!!!!

Dean Grey said...

Go Lisbeth! Go Martha!