Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Sky's The Limit

Nut, The Sky Goddess

Looking ahead to the new year, seeking clarity and direction in my creative pursuits. I have so many ideas, and being a true blue ENFP, my challenge is to see these ideas through to completion. I am easily distracted, so I need to choose carefully where I channel my energies, and commit, commit, commit.
(And remember not to give myself away!)

Happy New Year!

We are moving out of the aughts, into the double digits of the 21st century! Wow!!!


Susan Beauchemin said...

I wonder why she's called "nut"? Cool images! I haven't even thought about making any new years resolutions!

Susan Beauchemin said...

Nuts fall from the sky?!

Martha Miller said...

it's pronounced noot. she's known as nut, or nuit (night?) time to glue 2010 on some paper plates, and fill them with candy kisses - THEN you can make some resolutions!!

As Bjorn said...

Nut the egyptian Mother Goddess. Beautiful animation. My six year old daughter who is aspergers has an egyptian obsession and you have some wonderful things on this blog that use those images. I got here by way of a comment on a piece about feminism today and why the younger people don't exactly get it. I love mad men because one reason it gets the reality of how things were. I am a male, but I remember thinking in the 60s how could this dichotomy exist between what we said about women and how we actually treated them. Anyway, also, you have the same name as one of my great long term friends, who is a lesbian novelist who has published four books. Interesting world this internet. Thanks for the blog.