Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

My family had alot of fun making these turkey name tags yesterday while we were waiting for the real turkey to finish cooking. They were a true collaboration, from design to production! Recipe: two brown oak leaves (the stems become the legs), a colored paper oval for the body, a fan shape for the inner tail, and a turkey head, plus a red felt wattle. Color feathers on the fan shape, then glue on the wattle. Stitch all layers together. We also attached a piece of white paper to the back of each name tag so that we could write what we are thankful for.
I hope that you all had a wonderful feast with family and friends and that you are now enjoying the LEFTOVERS! Have a great weekend!


Carol Anne Strange said...

Hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Martha. x

Martha Miller said...

You, too, Carol Anne! xo

Dean Grey said...


Fun name tags! I like the idea of using the leaves behind them.

Love the photo of the sleeping cat curled up on the chair too!

So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Martha Miller said...

Hi Dean! Hope you had a great day, too! Hope that you are feeling better! You are such a smart, cute, and talented young man!!! (from the MOM in me...) xo