Friday, October 2, 2009

Operation C.U.P.

ceramic cup by Arthur Halvorsen.

My friend and fellow MECA alum, Arthur Halvorsen, is spearheading (or should I say cupheading??) a terrific movement called Operation C.U.P.
He writes:

Operation C.U.P. (Citizens Using Pottery) is all about getting handmade into the hands of people who don't normally buy handmade, to gift it this holiday season to their best friend. It's about educating the public about handmade ceramics. It can't be put into words what it is like to drink from a handmade cup - it is something that has to be experienced!

You can find more info about this terrific project on Arthur's website. Buy a cup! Buy handmade! Support the cause!
A Cup-la other sites where you can find cool cups made by MECA alums:


Arthur Halvorsen said...

Thanks Martha for doing a writ up on your blah blah blog!
If anyone one else wants to do a posting about this please email me
also become a fan on my facebook fan site

Martha Miller said...

blah blah blah, yay rah! glad to help ya, arthah! :^)

Dean Grey said...

I love the title of this movement! Whimsical and cute!

It is indeed important to support living artists and craftspeople.


Martha Miller said...

that's that arthur - whimsical and cute! :*)