Monday, May 4, 2009

Backyard, Early May

sal and rhubarb

male rose-breasted grosbeak

tulips and spearmint

bleeding heart beginnings


tulips and thorny rose branch

overturned lawn chairs and abandoned snow plow

wild violets

Scenes from a sweet Sunday in Woolwich. The Rose-breasted Grosbeaks sang their hearts out in the treetops, a Pileated Woodpecker kept watch from the highest branch of the dead pine tree, and the rhubarb continued its lustful and fancy unfurling, while Salvador the cat stretched and rolled.
Purrrrrr....dirty furrrrrrrrr.............


Susan Beauchemin said...

Look how looong that cat is! That rhubarb is amazing! It's not curled or tucked or folded, but crumpled in tightly as a new growth. I remember visiting you when your rhubarb was at its biggest--I couldn't get over it! I felt very small walking through some giant's garden!

Martha Miller said...

i know. that rhubarb is crazy!!! i'm always fascinated by it. next week, PIE.

(feel free to paint from any of those rhubarb pics if you are so inclined!!!)

s.jane said...

Oh bluets! I haven't noticed that we have any in Oregon and I miss them! They're little faces make me so happy!

Martha Miller said...

hey, sarah! i like your etsy stuff! how long have you been in oregon?

Morgaine said...

Lovely pictures, ahhhh rhubarb ! where I was born in Wakefield in Yorkshire is famous for rhubarb :-)
we used to grow our own rhubarb in our gardens but I also remember as a child the rhubarb sheds on the farms that were lit inside with candle light, my dad used to work in them :-)

Martha Miller said...

hi morgaine - what were the rhubarb sheds?? that sounds like the scene of one of your paintings!!!