Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Worried Love Release

A friend on Facebook told me about Chriss Sutherland's review in the Sunday NY Times, so I went out and bought a copy! It's a great review! Click on the image and read for yourself...
Congratulations to Chriss and all those talented musicians who worked with him to make it happen! Chriss gifted me with the CD - it's wonderful, I love it, and you can buy it here! Gotta love that cover! ;*)


artslice said...

His music sounds like something I'd like. Congrats on the cover... how very cool!

ps Got my Green Maiden and I love her... the colors are glowing in my window-filled dining room. (which is reflecting white-out snow. She gives me hope!)

Martha Miller said...

hi brenda

yes - his voice is very unique, a mix of mick jagger, neil young, and ian anderson (from jethro tull...) i love the cd!
oh, i'm glad my little maiden is adding some color to your world! thankyou, again!

Don Gray said...

Congratulations to YOU, Martha, on the CD cover! It looks great--that's a fine portrait.

BTW, my wife LOVES the Dumpster Diva. So do I.

Martha Miller said...

Hi Don

Thankyou! Oh, I'm glad that Brenda likes her little Diva ~ and that you do, too! I have too much fun making those!