Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Elusive Edward Hopper

Girl at Sewing Machine, 1921
oil on canvas

Moonlight Interior, 1921-23
oil on canvas

East Side Interior, 1922

Evening Wind, 1921

Self-portrait, 1903
charcoal on paper

You're all going to hate me - I have several new (to me) fabulous art books bought for a pittance from my favorite book store, that discount sale shelf at the MECA library. The images here are from one of these books - a sweet little hard cover titled simply, Edward Hopper, by Gail Levin, purchased for $2.
Levin writes:
Edward Hopper was a private man who chose to conceal his personal life. Shy and reserved, he usually preferred to hide behind a controlled public image of an independent, self-made painter, working in the narrow bounds of the American realist tradition without imposing on his art any intellectual or private content.
Hmmm...I'm only into it a few pages, but I think she may show us where he failed to hide! His work is so telling...
I chose to post these pics of a woman at a sewing machine because I've been at the sewing machine alot lately and with the full moon the past couple of nights I've been as restless as those women in the other two pics...
And what about that early self-portrait, drawn when he was 21? Simply Gorgeous.

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artslice said...

I'm catching up on reading your bloggie and had to comment... because I love Hopper. (almost named my dog after him!) This looks like a great book. I love his scenes of stillness and quiet. He makes everday life seem richer, a bit more important and not without mystery. Wish I had a resource like that MECA bookself!