Friday, January 2, 2009

Bats in the Belfry

You may have bats in your belfry - I have cats in my rafters! I've never had strictly indoor cats before, and they are driving me a bit bats at times! I saw a book in the bookstore last week called 50 Ways to Entertain Your Indoor Cats and I see that there are lots of books out there on this topic. I need to do a little research. We always tied a piece of folded newspaper on a string and ran around the house and the cats would chase after that and tear it to shreds. When they got tired of that we booted them outdoors! I can do that on weekends in Woolwich, but not here at the apartment in Portland. If you have ideas for kitty fun and games, pass them along! We've done the paper bags with holes cut out of the bottoms, we've filled old plastic bottles with corn kernals for them to rattle and chase, they have a few balls and little mice to bat around, but still they get crazy at times!!! Here they are in a moment of rare repose, chilling out on the ceiling beams...


Susan Beauchemin said...

Could you let them out while you're with them?

Martha Miller said...

i do put them out on our upper story fenced in deck where they enjoy watching the seagulls flying overhead!

Captain Nick Sparrow said...

That first picture is a trip!

Martha Miller said...

hi captain

yes, it's a sort of kitty yin yang!

< " " >
:+) (+:
< " " >

Martha Miller said...

ok, that didn't work in translation...

< "
< "

those kitties were supposed to look like this!

Martha Miller said...

whoa, my little kitty image got scrambled again! forget it!!!


(i'll bet that comes through just fine...)