Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In the Woods

In the midst of the holiday hubbub I took a long walk in the woods behind my house

and I followed the light of the lowering sun

breathing in the cold pure air

the bare woods a soothing balm after all the flurry and feasting.

I feel held by the woods and go there often for solace and comfort

I sense someone there

and in the heart of the woods

I find her

and in finding her

I find myself.

A peaceful and reflective New Year's Eve to you all!



I "find" you fascinating...

Martha Miller said...

thanks, teri! that's because we are both pisces, don't you think?

i see that you were born in the year of the monkey - my little granddaughter is a pisces/monkey!
great energy!

happy new year!

artslice said...

What beautiful, snowy woods! Lovely photographs... have a great new year, Martha :)

Martha Miller said...

happy new year to you, too, brenda! love all your new faces!

LADYBUG said...

I enjoy your photos very much, thank you for taking me outdooors to enjoy the snow, your artistry in the last photo is amazing!

Martha Miller said...

thanks, ladybug! the magic of photoshop...