Monday, December 22, 2008

An Apple, A Pear, A Plum, A Cherry...

My grandsons Brey and Wyeth help with the kneading. Christmas 2006.

Getting every piece of fruit into the dough!

...any good thing to make us all merry!
While making my grandmother's Christmas Stollen, I always sing this tune. Stollen is a yeast risen bread, and Gramma's recipe makes 8 round loaves. A huge bowl of fruit and nuts gets kneaded into the dough and it is quite the task! It never seems that it will all fit in, but somehow it always does. My grandmother made her stollen with candied cherries and citron. I make an adapted version with all organic dried fruits - cranberries, dates, raisins, dried blueberries, dried cherries, apricots, and walnuts all get kneaded into the sweet, buttery dough. Grated lemon rind and brandy add to the wonderful flavor. It just wouldn't be Christmas without Gramma's stollen for breakfast!

My grandmother, Lillie, with her two daughters, my mother, Edna, and my Aunt Caroline, Christmas, 1969. Looks like Gram got a toaster oven that year. Hmmm...all the better to toast your stollen with! What are some of your Christmas breakfast traditions?


Elizabeth said...

I love your Christmas Stollen tradition. My mom always made that for Christmas too & gave it out to friends. It was such a long standing tradition in our neighborhood that everyone called it Molly bread after her. :-) I never did find that recipe when going through her things. Thanks for sharing & letting me relive my stolen memories from long ago. Merry Christmas!

SMPS said...

Wow, look how festive Edna and Carolyn look -- and the tree behind them! Martha, your pics with the grandsons are beautiful!! Pam & Del gave us stollen before they left for Oregon, and even though we were supposed to wait until Xmas, I couldn't resist eating it sooner!! :-)

Susan Beauchemin said...

cool--a view from christmas past!--P and I played that song a few times--I sing that one too, but not making stolen--I've never made stolen--I should try it some day--maybe after christmas--more time then--no time to form a sentence--too close to christmas--must go--

Martha Miller said...

Hi Elizabeth, Shawn and Susan - 2008 has nearly stolen away! Happy New Year!