Friday, May 2, 2008

Come and Go

A self-portrait using two etching plates: a sugarlift etching plate to produce my self-portrait on the right of the page, and a photo-etching plate to produce the image of my great grandmother on the left. I printed these on a large sheet of paper that had already been printed with a ghost print of my husband, Garry. I then collaged some drawings from one of my burnt journals.

Self with Great Grandmother Godfrey, 2005
UAP, intaglio with chine colle, 22" x 30". For Sale.

My great grandmother, Caroline Williams Godfrey.

My grandmother and grandfather, Harold and Lillie Godfrey, around 1925 with their 2 daughters, Edna (my mother, on the left) and my Aunt Caroline. They are sitting on the front steps of their summer cottage, The Come 'n' Go, at Point Judith, RI. The Come 'n' Go was destroyed in the hurricane of 1938. My grandfather died in a boat fire when my mother was a teenager. My grandmother lived to be 100!!!

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