Thursday, November 13, 2008

Substitute Teaching

For the past two weeks I have been substitute teaching two classes at MECA for a friend who is travelling abroad. One of the classes is portrait painting, and last week the students taped mirror tiles to their easels and began self-portraits in oil. This week they worked on completing these paintings and I had fun taking their digital portraits. With their reflections and their paintings, I was able to capture some interesting double and even triple portraits!


artslice said...

Looks like a great group of painters!

artslice said...

PS I've tagged you! Please visit my blog for details :)

SiextyEight said...

wow,double reflections!

Martha Miller said...

hi brenda:

yes, a very competant group of painters! fun class.

ok, i've tagged 6 more - the game continues!

Martha Miller said...

hi 68!

yup - double the fun!