Friday, November 14, 2008

Naked or Nude Revisited

Kurt Kauper

from David Leddick's Male Nude Now

Leonard Baskin

Fritz Martinz

David Leddick 's book cover

Francisco Lopez

Kurt Kauper

Martha Miller

David Hockney

Kurt Kauper

Whoa, Cary Grant's wearing no...

Found these paintings on-line of the Hollywood icon by Kurt Kauper, and had to make a mix of male nudes. What do you say to these, Naked? or Nude? Isn't this partly defined by our own reaction? Whether we feel shame, desire, compassion, or indifference? Cary Grant looks completely self-assured and unembarrassed, but I feel a bit embarrassed looking at these! Is it that tan line? That sense of boundary crossed so now we can see (and we're not supposed to see) where the sun don't shine?

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