Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Woman With Wounded Man Progress

Woman with Wounded Man series. I've added some black machine stitching, colored pencils, charcoal pencil, and watercolor. Not quite there yet...think I liked them better without the color...agh. I'll probably darken them and bury alot of the color...
welcome to my process.

These will be going into The Black Frame show in September. Read more about that event here:

Woman with Wounded Man, I

Woman with Wounded Man, II

Woman with Wounded Man, III

Woman with Wounded Man, IV

Woman with Wounded Man, V


Don Gray said...

They are looking fabulous to my eye. Let them sit a bit before you decide on the color...I think the color additions are great. (I know I shouldn't dispense such advice, but can't help it--they look so nice the way they are.)

These remind me a bit of Mary Frank for some reason.

Martha Miller said...

Oh, Thankyou, Don! I needed some advice! I have been letting them sit (mostly because I've been busy eleshow...) So I'll let them sit somemore intentionally. I'll look at Mary Frank - I am only periferally aware of her body of work.

Keep up the dynamic duos! LOVE them.

Martha Miller said...

meant to type: elsehow