Friday, April 4, 2008

Life Drawing Students

Tuesday night's Life Drawing class at MECA - we had our final crit this week. Here are some of my amazing students who showed up for 10 weeks and put up with all my zany exercises and drew like fiends from 6:00 - 9:30pm, even though it was freezing and crummy outside and it would have been way easier to stay at home and veg on the couch. Yay, they are my heroes!
So posted beneath each student is one of my favorite drawings of theirs from the semester. I have taken the liberty of titling the work, except for Zack's - the class came up with that title!
Zack Wallerius
Lonely Man in Naked Bar, 2008
collage and India ink on Rives BFK, 22" x 30"
Lucy Carmody
Warm Man, 2008
pastel on Rives BFK, 22" x 30"
Jennifer Harvey
Girl Man, 2008
collage, pastel, ink and charcoal on Stonehenge, 22" x 30"
Cameron Rockwood
Portrait of Peter, 2008
pastel on Rives BFK, 22" x 30"
Jo Goiran
Run Away Rene, 2008
pastel, charcoal and oil on Stonehenge, 22" x 30"
David Mack
Pete with Mushroom Cloud Chest Hair, 2008
pastel on Rives BFK, 15" x 22"
Linda Hermans
Peaceful Martha, 2008
charcoal on Rives BFK, 22" x 30"


Rob S. said...

Looks like everyone had a great time in your class! There's a lot of variety, not to mention a good volume of work.
Did Zack wear a tie to every class? I like that - very old school.

Martha Miller said...

I think the tie was in honor of portfolio review night! We did all have alot of fun. Great energy in this group!

Ron said...

Hi, Martha. This looks like a really nice group, and some wonderful work, too! Too bad that I wasn't able to model for you this semester -- I always enjoy your classes a lot. Hopefully next time around!

Best Regards,


martha said...

Hi Ron

Nice to hear from you! This was a nice group. I'm teaching Life Drawing and Mixed Media Portraiture this summer starting in June, so I'll give you a call in May and put you on the docket!

See you soon!