Friday, April 4, 2008

Charlotte's Self Portrait

One of my students made this self-portrait in class this week. I love it. I think that it is extraordinary. She is ten. TEN!

Charlotte Eisenberg
Self-portrait, 2008
Soft Kut relief print


Rob S. said...

Whoa, that IS amazing! She already has a sculptural understanding of the head: the concavity of the eye sockets and the dimension of the nose. My oldest is 10, and though she is very good, she has yet to grasp the concept of dimensionality. This is exceptional.
Wait... where are you teaching 10 year-olds?

Martha Miller said...

Hi Rob

Yes! Look at that head! I was blown away by this.
I have a private class that I teach in my own studio on Monday afternoons. We are starting a new round next week that goes till June.