Friday, March 14, 2008

The Red Green Performers

I realized that I have portraits of all the young women who did the Red Green Performance with me (see yesterday's post), all except Kristen Sheehy. I'll have to do her portrait one of these days. Here are the others. I think it's fun to see photographs of people after seeing their portraits. I alway s love to see the photographs in artist's biographies; Picasso's Dora Marr, Lautrec's Jane Avril, etc. It's interesting to see how the artist's "lens" works...

All of these young women have graduated from MECA and are amazing artists. I've found links for a few of them so you can see their work.

First off, check out Meghan Yates. She has an incredible voice - it is powerful and unusual. We were print majors together @ MECA. I first heard her singing voice one day in the print shop, back in 2004. She was singing while working in the adjoining room, and I had to go look and see who was making such gorgeous sounds. I said, "Wow, Meghan you have a beautiful voice!" She just smiled. Meghan sang at the 2005 MECA commencement, and blew everyone's socks off. She is singing down in Providence these days. If you are in that area, go see her. She's really special!

Also check out the work of sculpture majors Kristen Sheehy and Yumiko Murakami , and the joyful pottery made by my daughter, ceramic major, Kaitlyn Miller.

I can't find anything on-line for Stefani or Patricia. If anyone out there reading this has links for them, please comment here, or e-mail me @

Stefani with Moon, 2005
pastel on Rives BFK, 22" x 30", For Sale.

Meghan with Voice, 2005
pastel on Rives BFK, 22" x 30", For Sale.

Kaitlyn as Persian Princess, 2006
mixed media on Rives BFK, 29" x 41", NFS.

Patricia's Valentine Bouquet, 2006
mixed media on Rives BFK, 29" x 41", For Sale.

Yumi, 2006
mixed media on Rives BFK, 29" x 60", For Sale.

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