Friday, March 14, 2008

Portrait Process

Brianna Allen is a painting major at USM who did a studio internship with me last fall. She sanded and primed my new flat file and posed for this portrait. I made her eyes too big, but they are so intense!
When people come and sit for their portraits, they often bring personal items with them - photographs, clothing, objects - that might become part of the portrait.
I haven't yet posted an artist statement about my portraits on the blog, so here it is:
In making a portrait, I attempt to reveal something of the psychological and emotional depth of the individual. I use bits of the surrounding room to set a stage, and the resulting work is influenced by many layers of stimuli including such factors as mood, conversation, images on the studio wall, music, and images from memory and dreams. I use all these scattered and changing sources much like a novelist to pull together a story on the page.

Brianna with Her Mother's Prom Gown, 2008
mixed media on Rives BFK, 29" x 41". For Sale.


Don Gray said...

Martha, you have got to be the most prolific blogger I know! Every time I check back there's a ton of new stuff. I feel like a kid in a candy shop!

martha said...

Ummm, I'm a bit compulsive...but I'm glad you are enjoying it!