Thursday, February 21, 2008

Andy's Chair

Last Memorial Day my son Andy made this chair out of some cedar that he had cut down and gathered. He made the chair in a morning's time, then put it on his back and carried it over to the patio, plunked it down, and sat in it to play his guitar. (Andy and his wife and two sons are living with us while building a house on our land). The wonderful rough quality of the chair and the speed with which Andy made it brought to mind Papa Bear from the Berenstein Bears books: Papa Bear goes into the woods one morning and comes back in the afternoon with a bed all made for Brother Bear...)
Andy has amazing can do energy!
I planted nasturtiums in the garden behind the chair and they took over by the end of summer. They make the chair look like a throne for a Woodland King. Later in the fall, Andy moved the chair up in the back yard to sit by the campfire ring. It provided a great perch for friends at our Solstice Bonfire! Now it sits waiting for spring to arrive...

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