Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year and a New Studio!

My first visitors - my daughter Kaitlyn and my son-in-law Cory. (They were good company, and also provided a nice human scale to show off the size of those windows! :^)

A little bit sad about the place you are leaving, a little bit glad about the place you are going,

I found myself thinking as I turned in the keys at my Portland studio yesterday afternoon, this well loved line from Robert McCloskey's childhood classic, Time of Wonder.

This certainly is a time of wonder, the turning of the year. A time for introspection, assessments, and resolutions. A time for new plans. I even pulled The Fool card for my day card today as I will be moving my art gear into my spacious new studio with the help of a couple of good friends this morning.

I will miss The Artist Studios and all the artists in that nurturing old building. But the time on the road (an hour door to door), and the expense of gas and parking was wearing me down physically and financially. Plus, I literally outgrew my space. After producing my last drawing series, my large triptych, dragging them out of that space onto the hall floors felt just as though I'd hatched from a chrysalis and had laid my big wings out to dry. And once hatched, there's no going back.

My big new studio is in downtown Bath, an 8 minute drive from home, at 72 Front Street, with a phenomenal second story view of the Kennebec River and the Carlton Bridge. There are several other artists in the building, as well as lawyers and yoga teachers - there's a lighthouse preservation office, and a dance studio, to name just a few of the diverse occupants under my new roof! I will be able to teach at this location, comfortably do portrait sittings, have a life drawing group, and make more giant drawings if I so choose!

I think I am more than just a little bit glad about the place I am going...


maggie said...

your new studio story made me really happy today!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

I'm smiling the light and the river view...everything else too! Best of luck in your new space!

Susan Beauchemin said...

It's livable space! I could live there--I'll take the little office space and be your receptionist, calling Ms. Martha Miller--calling Ms. Martha Miller. Martha Miller you have a message at the front desk.

martha miller said...

hi maggie!

i like your crocheted cap! very cute. where is your studio? how's life beyond MECA? happy new year!!


martha miller said...

thankyou, blue sky!

it's such a fabulous space - i can't believe my luck!!! sooo happy. here's to a creatively juicy new year!


martha miller said...

susan! YES! you are HIRED! but first you must get a pair of cat's eye eye glasses! and start wearing bright red lipstick!

artslice said...

Super exciting!!! Your neighbors sound great... run out and do a little yoga when you need to take a break from a drawing.

A brand new start for the new year. Have a great 2012, Martha!

Eugene Head said...

I can't wait to see the finished look of your new studio! Did you have any problems while moving into the new studio? We are also planning to move to an apartment next month and start a business there. And I'm so excited for it to happen!