Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hang Onto Your Hats

Me with the portrait I've started of my great great aunt taken from a photo from this time period:
Women's hats, 1887.

Yesterday I started another portrait from that same photo, of my great grandmother, Zillah Camp.

Agh, this is getting too polished and tight. Must rough it back up. And that hat! What a challenge!! I'll be working on these again tomorrow. At least it's charcoal. I can keep on changing and changing the drawing without killing it!


Carol Anne Strange said...

I love hats, Martha. Good to see you with your Great Great aunt! Just flying in to say hello and send some spring greetings from the UK. xx

Susan Beauchemin said...

I just posted about P's Easter bonnet--wow! what hats the ladies wore back then!!

martha miller said...

Hi Carol Anne!
Happy Spring to you, too! xo

martha miller said...

Hi Sue!

Love that Easter outfit! Have fun up north! xox

Dean Grey said...


I love the smirk on Zillah's face.

And those hats are awesome looking! Makes me want to wear one!


martha miller said...

Dean, you'd look real silly in that hat! but still cute! xo