Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Susan's Portrait

Martha, Susan, and Patience Rose.
Started another portrait while at my sister Deb's in R.I. this past weekend. This time my sister Sue sat for me. I did this portrait with my left hand - it's not quite finished yet - I will be resolving it this week, perhaps adding the female hummingbird we saw visiting the bee balm in Deb's garden!


Jo-an Jacobus said...

Martha and Susan, you two look so much alike. Not so much when you are standing together but when Susan has her head down working on her project, it could be Martha. And Martha's portrait of Susan could almost be a self portrait. Quite the family resemblence there. Nice to see you both on the same side of the country.

Anonymous said...

perhaps your most important piece of work to date . powerful, beauty of the model eminates an almost spiritual aftertaste. biblical!
huge. mindboggling.

martha miller said...

hey, jo-an!

i agree! thanks! xo

martha miller said...

hi anon!

susan sure is a beautiful model and person! love that this translates as spiritual. wow! thankyou!!!